About Kate

My name is Kate, and after many years living in London, we’ve found our forever home in West Sussex. ‘We’ are my husband Dan, children Isabella and Jake, Teddy the Cavapoo, and Frankie the cat. Our home is a passion project and a long-term work in progress, but has given me the space to start Bobbin Villa.
My passion for interiors and all things vintage started when I was about ten years old when my mum would whisk me off at weekends to trawl car boot sales and charity shops to look for unusual vintage furniture and homewares. I still love nothing more than digging around antiques fairs, boot sales, bric-a-brac and charity shops.
Over the years I accumulated more treasures than I needed for my own home, but I still enjoyed the process and the thrill of rummaging for unique pieces, so I carried on sourcing items for friends and family. Word spread, and other people started asking to buy my items, or to keep my eye out for a vintage piece they wanted. And so Bobbin Villa was born.
My taste has changed a little over the years, but my interest in interiors trends and love for unique pieces with a story behind them has not. Many of the items I sell have had a previous life, and although vintage pieces were usually made to last longer and I carefully select only those items that have been cared for, there may be some signs of wear and patina. I believe that this is part of the charm and individuality of owning a vintage piece.
I love a challenge, and there is nothing better than the buzz of finding something that a client is hankering for. If there is anything on my website that has now sold out, but you would like me to keep an eye out for on my travels, do let me know.